Minimalist Van Life with Randy A. Lewis

Minimalist Van Life with Randy A. Lewis is a show about the struggles and success of a man who decides to take on life in a van full-time with all of its challenges and freedoms.

The series intends to highlight both the reality and the fantastic fun that come with traveling in one’s own home.

Join Randy as he tours California and it’s surrounding areas meeting locals near and far. In addition to the series, live programming, vlogs and updates will be made available at SouthernCalifornia.Site . For those who want to interact with the series and Randy, even minor contributions can be seen all around the world in each episode.

Along the way, the van will stop at points of interest, underdog businesses and anything that looks like fun for the most part as well as gas stations, rest stops, camping spots and stores. Audiences can recommend places and things to do as well.

Another series is in the making. Stay tuned for more information. I promise it’s worth the wait.

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