The Original Idea for Adventure and Whatnot

Before its recent transformation, on you would find what looks like a game, and it is by nature, but what you would not know is that every adventure is unique and aims to assist real people in their real-world decision-making.

This is far from being an ordinary game with arbitrary objectives and processes. Adventure & Whatnot takes artists, players and audiences expectations and influences reality by shifting the way people think about choices. So how does it work?

Simply enough, an artist collaborating on an adventure would team up with a player to create a visual aide for a circumstance that literally affects them or a person they represent. An audience then helps make the decision, either publicly or privately.

By narrowing down choices into three definitive possibilities and one that is open ended, the artist then creates a visual for the chosen outcome. The adventures potentially can continue forever as they are based on reality, but are especially useful for visualization.

Consider a classroom or professional setting as an example of a private audience as opposed to a public setting like a political event.

Any group online or just a group of friends can find out how fun and profound decision-making can be with an adventure. Fortunately the personal version is available online.

The extended in-person version is still being tested to work with marketing data and scenarios but you can inquire about the service if you have the office space and five or more employees. The commercial version will boost morale and performance by an average of two hundred percent.

Adventure & Whatnot has the potential to be used in therapeutic ways but should be used in privacy when dealing with personal information. No information gets stored or distributed. While it can be fun to play with a public audience, the internet can be psychotic.

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